A screenshot showing a simulated iOS device next to a panel of controls with the heading of VoiceOver.Screenshot: iOS Accessibility Simulator Web App

iOS Accessibility Simulator

The iOS Accessibility Simulator is a powerful iOS Accessibility Teaching tool that allows users to experience VoiceOver behaviors within their web browser. No iOS device required!

This is useful for:

  • Documenting assistive technology behaviors.
  • Co-relating behaviors with accurate technical advice.
  • Sharing with co-workers to encourage understanding.

Currently the simulator supports VoiceOver and Accessibility Inspector. This is a solid introduction to the iOS Accessibility ecosystem while we focus on Android for a bit!

We also hope to build mobile application debugging tools off of this technology in the near future.


The iOS Accessibility Simulator supports VoiceOver simulation via control panels that simulate VoiceOver swiping in the corresponding direction. There are also special gestures for Home and Activate.

Note: Keyboard is also supported.

A screenshot of the VoiceOver control panel. Demonstrates Home, Up, Right, Left, Twist, Right, Down, and Activate.
VoiceOver control panel. Keyboard also supported.

The iOS Accessibility Simulator supports both simulated and emulated content:

  1. Simulated Content: Short instructional demos built with special web components.
  2. Emulated Content: Exports of actual iOS Application View Hierarchies with limitations on dynamic components.

Over the evolution of the product we would like to use simulated content to bring understanding and discussion to what the appropriate behaviors should be. All while providing crystal clear documentation as to how those behaviors should be implemented with links to documentation that provides SwiftUI and View based solutions.

Owning an iOS device or understanding how the iOS APIs work should not keep you from understanding these things deeply enough to discuss, design, and develop content that is accessible to all users.

Accessibility Inspector

The Accessibility Inspector allows you to connect user behaviors with the API settings that create relevant behaviors.

A screenshot of the accessibility inspector showing Label: Password Value: IceCream.
Accessibility Inspector

This allows Accessibility Experts to confidently share implementation advice with engineers. If engineers are curious about the relevant assistive technology behaviors all you have to do is share a link!

This massively speeds up the development process, particularly around accurate assistive technology behaviors that you are confident will lead to the broadest support across the ecosystem.

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