MobA11y - Assessments


If you have never had an accessibility expert look at your application the simplest place to start is a Risk Assessment.

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We offer two flavors of report. Audits and risk assessments.

Risk averse companies with large budgets will prefer the audit. Audits take days to weeks, but cover a broad range of users on a well defined scope of your application. This is useful in providing data across larger development teams in terms of targeting training opportunities and prioritizing remediation efforts for long term efficiency. It also provides the data required for a VPAT.

Smaller development teams may find the time Audits take to be frustrating or expensive. Rather than focus on accessibility as a collection of iOS features risk assessments focus attention on the groups of users you are impacting the most right now. This allows you to focus your remediation efforts and use them as opportunities for deeper learning.

Audits give you the big picture at the expense of having those issues for a snapshot in time that will pass before you address all of them. The risk assessment process trickles the same information in at a pace that allows you to grow and learn to fish for yourself.

Remediation advice for collections of related and high impact issues comes either way!