MobA11y - Training

Instructor Led Training

Training modules that focus on bringing your team together and learning to communicate about users with disabilities and their needs.

We find the best way to get people excited about accessibility is to teach them about how assistive technology users impact their discipline. This sets up constructive conversations between designers and developers as they learn together about assistive technology users.

Myth: Accessibility teams don't need training if they've already done Web Accessibility training.

Reality: Mis-use of web centric accessibility terminology in a native mobile context causes confusion for Native Mobile teams and makes accessibility unnecessarily challenging.

Every training module we deliver is built to suit the needs of your team. These needs tend to follow a similar pattern:

  1. Legal requirements and prioritization.
  2. Understanding the needs of users with disabilities.
  3. Designing assistive technology friendly experiences.
  4. Implementing assistive technology friendly experiences.
  5. Communicating effectively about user experience across discipline.

Our goal with each session is to leave your team with actions they can apply to their work the very next day while leaving an impactful empathy building lesson that will change the way they approach their craft long term.